Things to Do While Swinging:
May is for Mary

Morning at the Farm (Warning: LOTS of Photos!)

This morning, after Mass and coffee with my folks, we took the boys over to a local apple orchard. Here are a few (um, several) pictures from our time there:


The boys and I walking into the orchard ...


About a month ago the farm had a fire, but thankfully all the animals escaped unharmed. This barn got the worst of it.


We peeked inside the damaged barn, but Earlybird (in my arms) got upset at the darkness and smell, so instead we checked over at the turkey coop ...


... but there was nobody home!


Most of the apple trees were starting to bloom like these branches above. The farm itself when observed as a whole was simply blushing beautifully:


In the field in the foreground we spotted a Killdeer; but he blended in too much with the dirt to be visible here. (Plus the closer we got, the faster he ran away!)


We met a llama ...


... and a hissing goose (apparently he didn't care for the dandelions we were tossing in through the links).


Time to go Daddy, we still have to stop at the nursery on our way home!


But we promise we'll come back again soon!