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Ten Things I Love that Begin with "R"

I saw this meme at Semicolon, where Sherry listed the Ten Things She Loves that Begin with the Letter C. Sherry very kindly assigned me the letter R, and so, without further ado, here's my list:

1. Rainy days. Call me odd, but I really love them. I don't even mind a week full of them. They provide a great excuse to stay home and do the next thing I love ...

2. Reading. I'm sure most of my visitors agree with me here. As a home educator it kind of comes with the territory, but I've always loved reading. I was an early reader (3) and an English major in college. These days I am pursuing a living books education with my boys who, thankfully, also love reading (and being read to). It is by far my most favorite hobby, and considering how much I love crafts, that's saying a lot. :)

3. Earlybird. My youngest son whose real name, my maiden name, begins with the letter R. What can I say about my 5 year old sweetie that I haven't already said? He's a love, and boy, do I love him.

4.  Religion. Which in my case is Roman Catholic. I was born and raised Catholic, attended Catholic schools and married a Catholic with whom I am now raising three boys in our beautiful faith. I will add to this one, I love saying the rosary - my most favorite prayers said with repitition and in a comforting rhythm. And speaking of rhythm ...

5. Rhythm. No not in the musical sense - I can't hold a tune. What I love is the rhythm of the year, the seasons that come and go. The way the same things happen over and again - falling leaves, morning frost, snow flurries, budding leaves and thunderstorms - each season bringing a new understanding of, and a deeper joy in, the natural world.

6. Rainbow-colored yarn. One of my favorite craft supplies. We have at least three different color variations - pastel, jewel-toned and brights..

7. Recipe cards. Especially those hand-written by my mum and grandma. Not just for the recipes, but for the memories. I love how they represent their (our) vocation - we are mothers, the feeders of our family; recipe cards are part of our homekeeping repertoire. How I love the recipe for Grandma's "Spig" Sauce (shorthand for spaghetti) written in my mother's lovely hand.

8. Red squirrels. If you've been following my blog for a while, you won't be surprised at this entry. After my cats, these tiny critters are my most favorite animals. One of the reasons I love them so is because they remind me of the Beatrix Potter tales (and that little imp Squirrel Nutkin). I've always thought of them as a British species so I was quite pleased to discover we had them living in our woods. I will add to this critter list, robins, roosters and red foxes, too.   

9. Record-keeping. And by that I mean the records of daily life. Bits and pieces - notes on the nuances of the every day. To capture them in print - here and in my journals is a favorite pastime. I love looking back at old journals (and blog archives) to remember what was and reflect on what might be.

10. Rhubarb and roses. My grandfather grew both, famously. His roses were astoundingly beautiful - my favorite was the pale lavender tea rose that grew by the chimney. His rhubarb was an old and hardy plant that grew out in the pool yard. Every spring he would stew it with sugar till it was soft, tender and sweet. Pies and jams came next, but I best remember sitting on the back steps, dipping stalks of rhubarb into a cup full of sugar.

And there's 10! This was fun - and I'm glad Sherry assigned me R because I had to really think about that one!

If you'd like to participate in this meme, leave me a comment below, and I'll assign you a letter!