The May Altar: Part I
Everyday Nature: The Full Flower Moon

May Day in the Afternoon ...

There's just something about May Day - it can be hard to get your head in the game when your day starts with baskets of flowers and damp bunches of clover shaken all over your face. ;)Yes, the tradition continues, and honestly, I think my skin feels a bit softer!

Today was so beautiful, too. Spring perfection - sunny, soft breeze, 70 degrees. Every shrub and tree that can flower is doing just that it seems.

But ... we did manage to get a little math done before lunchtime, and we shared cookies with Uncle Matt who stopped by. Then it was on to the preparations for Crackerjack's CCD class. It was his final class today, though not a regular class, but a group rehearsal for First Holy Communion. Talk about chaos! But that's another post. For now, I'd like to show you the tiny May posies we made for CJ's teachers.

We had been poking through our craft bins and came across our healthy stash of paper towel and toilet paper tubes.

"What can I do with these things?" I asked myself. A few lightbulb moments later, I had pulled out the materials and we set to work.


We painted the tubes in soft colors, and made a copy of several holy cards (mostly Marian, one St. Agnes and one St. Joseph). We pasted the image onto a small golden doiley - you know how I love doilies! - and taped it all onto the tube (once the paint dried). I then stuck a small circle of self-adhesive felt to the bottom to make a base. Hole-punched sides were threaded with thin ribbon and then the tubes were ready to fill! Which we did, with bunches of forsythia from the garden. I'm glad forsythia is so scrappy and easy to grow - it brings such happy, exuberant color to the spring landscape. Save for the dandelions, it's the only thing blooming in my yard right now.

In the picture below you can see how the posies turned out; they are standing up next to gift bags for the teachers. (Here's a little tip - right now all the card stores are carrying a wide array of religious gift supplies for spring sacraments; these are great to stock up on and have on hand for any gifts you might need for your pastor or religious friends.)

In addition to CJ's three teachers and Sister M., the head of the religious education department, we also prepared a posy for our pastor. His was painted green and had St. Joseph for an image (whose optional memorial was today, btw). (As it turned out we didn't get to see Father, so we'll save his for Sunday after Mass.)


Once the bags and posies were filled and ready to go, we turned to CJ's banner. It needed a few more touches and lots of glue to hold everything in place. Here's how it came out:


CJ chose the colors and images; I cut and glued. He loves doves (and asked for two, not just one), and, of course, the color red. He also chose the Chi-Rho symbol after paging through a coloring book we own. He was very happy with how it came out and so was I! By the way, we used self-adhesive letters, and I used Fabri-Tac to adhere the felt shapes - it worked beautifully. We had to drop it off at the parish office where it will be kept until his First Communion Day. We'll keep our fingers crossed everything stores well (i.e. not too many sequins fall off, lol). The banners will hang from each child's pew on their special day.

Well, we're still putting the finishing touches on our May altar - I will post some pictures tomorrow. Oh, and in our rush today, we forgot to have blueberry pancakes - a must for any Marian feast! But since the whole entire month belongs to our Blessed Mother, we'll have plenty of time to partake. :)

Have a lovely night, my friends. See you in the morning ...