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Themes and Plans for October

Continuing with my "themes and plans" series, here is October's installment! Leavessquare_3

I think October might be my favorite month of all ... fall is in full swing, we've adjusted to new routines and Christmas is coming at a comfortable pace. And though I don't care to see holiday decorations in the stores just yet, I do like to be in full Christmas prep mode by this month. In a whirl of planning and preparation, nature speeds up to slow down, and so do we ...

Sure, September may be just around the corner, but for today let's cast our eyes on October:


  • withered cornfields
  • chipmunks scurrying over old stone walls
  • crows calling on foggy mornings
  • pumpkins on the vine
  • chrysanthemums in gold, russet and magenta
  • kale in the garden
  • the cranberry harvest
  • bittersweet draped along the fence
  • the juncos return
  • acorns underfoot
  • National Squirrel Awareness Week (7-13)
  • geese in black vees against brilliant blue skies
  • a woolly bear caterpillar curled up tight
  • The Full Hunter's Moon (26)
  • fiery falling foliage
  • migration underway (geese, hawks, monarchs)
  • St. Luke's Little Summer
  • the first frost


  • comforting casseroles
  • chili and cornbread
  • baked beans, brown bread and ham
  • cider donuts
  • pumpkin muffins with streusel topping
  • cranberry apple crisp
  • baked apples with oats and brown sugar
  • maple leaf cookies
  • popcorn balls
  • hot apple cider
  • homemade pumpkin butter
  • cinnamon sugar toast and orange spice tea
  • homemade Halloween goodies
  • freshly baked pretzels
  • caramel apples
  • pomegranates
  • winter squash soup
  • Vermont cheddar


  • The Month of the Holy Rosary
  • The Feast of St. Therese (1)
  • The Feast of the Guardian Angels (2)
  • The Feast of St. Francis (4)
  • The Feast of St. Luke (18)

Home & Garden:

  • continue kitchen cleaning
  • stock up on baking essentials
  • rotate mattresses
  • change over to winter bedding
  • clean out and restock medicine chest
  • put up storm windows
  • rake
  • cut and dry hydrangeas
  • store outdoor toys and furniture
  • clean and restock birdfeeders
  • organize board games and puzzles
  • buy Christmas stamps
  • continue Christmas gift shopping
  • organize Christmas cards
  • make up cocoa mix
  • order firewood



Field Trips:

  • leaf peeping ride (with hot cider in thermal cups)
  • a visit to a pumpkin patch
  • the country fair
  • an autumn hike (looking for old stone walls)
  • the birdseed store


  • felt gnomes
  • acorn hunting (for squirrels)
  • leaf crafts
  • jumping in leaves
  • twig frames
  • homemade seed and suet cakes
  • homemade squirrel cookies
  • roasting pumpkin seeds
  • carving pumpkins
  • work on holiday gifts
  • fingerknitting

I feel compelled to mention that I do not intend to do all of the things on this list! :) I just like to brainstorm all the possibilities and then go from there. What do you love about October? Leave a comment - I'd love to know!