Sunday Pleasantries
More on Seasonal Planning (and The File Crate)

*Planners for the Seasons*


The other day I mentioned the seasonal planners I am setting up for the new year. I wanted to share a little more about them, since I now have them ready to go.

Before I get started though, can I just mention how nice the winter sunshine feels today? It's pretty cold here (31 at the moment) but the sun seems so much brighter than it did just a month ago. On days like these, it's easy to lull ourselves into thinking that spring might not be all that far away ... of course, there's a storm coming in tonight, so that will put us right back in our place.

Anyway, back to those planners! Each one is assigned a season (there are six in all), and the whole set is coordinated with my household journal:


(Those are tiny alphabet stickers I bought at Michael's last month - for an Advent project that will now have to wait till next year - but I've been finding lots of uses for them anyway. I love how old-fashioned they look - they work well with the paper I chose.) 

Setting up the binders was actually very quick and easy. I chose paper to match each season and cut them to fit inside the cover of a clear view-front binder. Then, inside each binder I placed a yellow index page, a print-out of my Themes and Plans for those months, looseleaf paper for project planning and the calendar pages. (I'll mark the individual projects with press-on tabs.)


Lastly, I placed alphabet tags on the spine of each binder signifying the months held inside:


Six Seasons to Plan:

Winter ~ January & February

Early Spring ~ March & April

Late Spring ~ May & June

Summer ~ July & August

Autumn ~ September & October

Holiday ~ November & December

I made room for all of the binders on my workspace shelves - see them tucked in there on the 4th shelf down?


They fit in rather well, and they're at an arm's length from where I sit when I work. (And by "work" I mean - teach, pay bills, plan meals, blog, plan, surf online ... etc.) 


Well, I'm running out of time today but in a future post I'll list the projects that I have filed in each binder. Thanks for joining me here today. I hope your week is off to a good start! :)