Making a Paper Egg Diorama (Part 1)
A (Mostly) Quiet Sunrise with Earlybird

Making a Paper Egg Diorama (Part 2)


Now, the second half of this project was MUCH easier than the first, and far less messy! Above you see the finished product, and I think it came out pretty cute! If I had the time (and energy, patience, etc.) to do it again, I think I would. I do think these dioramas would make lovely Easter gifts for the special people in your children's lives - something a grandparent, godparent or family friend would treasure.

Well, enough "PR" for now, lol - here's the nitty gritty:

First, I made sure the balloon was completely dry, and then I drew an oval shape on one side for a window:


Using sharp scissors, I cut out the window (the balloon popped at this point):


I pulled out the spent balloon and string, and here's what the inside of the egg looked like:


Next we took squares of tissue paper, scrunched them into tight little balls, and glued them to the edge of the window:


Almost done ...


The final touches: a glittery green ribbon for the top, shredded paper "grass," a couple of Easter toys (part of Crackerjack's rubber ducky collection) and on Easter Sunday there will be a big, bright butterfly perched on top:


If you have older children who love doing crafts (or younger ones with lots of patience!)  this would be a really wonderful spring project. Something special for Holy Week - a quiet activity for Good Friday, perhaps?

Well, thank you so much for stopping by today ... I hope you are all having a nice week. See you again very soon!