Eggs & Nests ~ A Spring Learning Week
Making a Paper Egg Diorama (Part 2)

Making a Paper Egg Diorama (Part 1)

This is a really neat (though decidedly messy) craft!


Perhaps not for the younger (and less patient) set, but very cool all the same.

I found the instructions in that amazing resource, Family Fun magazine. Our egg might not come out as lovely as the one pictured in their instructions, but that hardly matters. It's all in the doing after all. ;)

Now, I haven't done paper mache in many years, though I do fondly remember making projects like this as a child. My mum was always crafting in one way or another, and I was always watching or helping. I do also remember Bookworm once made a life-size paper-mache mummy in a homeschool art class, but that was several years ago and I was busy chasing the younger two around, hardly paying attention ...

Anyhoo, I could see right away this was not going to be something my EB would participate in hands-on. MUCH too messy, finicky and time-consuming for his temperament. I did have him choose the colors (and he chose "rainbow" because he's all about rainbows these days) and he enjoyed watching me blow up the balloon. He also helped make the paper glue (a mixture of flour and water), but once I started getting all drippy and gloppy and staining my hands ("zombie" hands the older boys called them) he was outta there!

So let me walk you through what we (I) did. First, here are the basic materials:


Colored tissue paper, a balloon, plain white paper, pretty ribbon, and something to nestle inside the finished diorama. Not shown ~ paper glue, string, scissors, Easter grass and other Easter scene materials.

The first thing we did after EB chose his colors, was to cut the tissue paper into 2" wide pieces. The same was done to the plain white paper. Then I blew up the balloon (ours happened to be blue, but it doesn't matter what color you choose) and tied it to a ceiling beam with some kitchen string. Lastly, EB and I mixed up the paper glue (1/4 c. flour + 1/2 c. water) and arranged all the materials into a small work station by the learning room table.

Then things really got messy ...


I dipped a tissue paper square into the glue and then laid it flat on the balloon. (It was kind of tricky to keep the tissue flat and even. I found it helped to lay the piece flat, briefly, on the surface of the glue, rather than immerse it entirely.) Overlapping the tissue paper pieces, I covered the whole balloon in this way.


This part was a bit fussy - the tissue could tear or bunch and wrinkle at times. And the glue (which I used up too quickly) got pretty, um ... colorful:


It did get easier as I got the hang of it, and once the balloon was entirely covered with tissue paper squares, I added two layers of white paper squares. 



I ran out of glue by the time I finished the first layer of white paper (shown above), so I whipped up another bowl of glue before starting in on the second white paper layer (shown below):


Finally I applied one more layer of tissue paper. (Again, keeping things as smooth and even as possible - and again using too much glue, lol!)

I then left the balloon hanging to dry, and here's how it looked a few hours later:


Now, as I write up this post (late Monday evening), it's still not dry. I think because I used so much glue it will take a little longer to set than was intentioned.

Hopefully by tomorrow it will be dry ... and at that point we will move on to the second part of this project post: creating the actual diorama!


And here it is, (very, very early) Tuesday morning ... I just checked the egg and it is nearly 100% dry and quite stiff! 

Looks like we'll be doing part two today, after all ... more on that later!

But for now, have a wonderful Tuesday, my friends ...

I'm off to "catch" the sunrise with Earlybird!