So ... what did you think? (Spoilers ahead!)
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National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Did you spiff up your workspace today?


As I mentioned last week, I have a new desk arriving sometime later this month, but for now I'm still using one end of the kitchen island as my primary workspace or "desk." And since today is "National Clean Off Your Desk Day," I figured I'd tackle this "hot spot" of mine.

Because as you can see, it really needed it:


(Yikes, that's bad!)

Now I call it my "hot spot" (a la FlyLady) because it does attract clutter like crazy - but it's not usually quite so messy! But I was so busy this weekend - just so caught up in my daybook project - that I really let everything pile up ... random papers, store receipts, coupons, bills, notes, etc. etc.!

So the first thing I did was to clear EVERYTHING of this counter space ... and boy, that felt good! And it looked so nice and open, I took a good look and thought, "Well, this is how it will look once I get that desk!" (In theory anyway.) Next I scrubbed down the counterop - first with Method Lavender Cleaning Spray and then a damp, clean cloth. Once the surface was dry, I started sifting through all that stuff - sorting/tossing/and putting things back in place - a little neater than before.


Much better, I'd say!

And as you can see above, I did finally get my "daybook" spiral-bound today! First I made sure I had it all in the correct order, then I stacked the pages as neatly as I could:


Then it was off to the Copy Center at Staples where I paid five dollars and waited five minutes for a binding, and then I was out the door and on my way home with my brand new daybook!


I love how it looks beside (or on top of) my homekeeping binder!


Now, I will definitely do a thorough post on the daybook itself - and I hope to get that up by mid-week. (Maybe tomorrow before my "Teatime" post, but most likely early Wednesday.)

But before I go I want to tell you two more things ...

One, I still can't leave comments here for some odd reason, so I apologize that I have not responded to the questions and comments left over the past few days. If I can't get this issue cleared up in another day or two I will write up separate posts addressing those queries.

The other thing I wanted to mention was something I just learned today ... this week is Universal Letter-Writing Week! (Thanks to Dana at Save Snail Mail for the tip. :)) I think a week devoted to the practice of letter-writing is pretty fantastic ... I don't (hand)write my correspondence as often as I used to, but I love the whole idea and institution of letter-writing. (Especially as I absorb all these beautiful movies and tv shows set in a slower, more genteel past - aka, Little Women, Emma, Sense and Sensibility ... and Downton Abbey of course.)

I think I might add a trip to the post office this weekend to pick up some new stamps and I'll assess my correspondence needs. (I used to have a whole basket devoted to letter writing but these days it all gets stored in that wire basket you see above on my counter.) Winter is the perfect time to consider (perhaps reconsider) our correspondence habits - in fact, I have a special spot in my daybook for planning just that!

So, my friends, I'll let you go now ... our night is upon us and the boys are awaiting my attention. Thank you so much for stopping by ... have a wonderful night ... and I will see you all again very soon.