Downton Abbey ~ Season's End
Now that Downton is done ...

Shaking things up ...

Shamrock shake

I simply had to sneak in one of these before Lent begins ...

So Bill picked one up for me on his way home from buying one of these:

New vacuum 1

(And yes, this means Bill is feeling much better!)

We bought this new vac, because our old vac finally went kaput last week. We'd had it 10 years and it served us very well - it was worth every penny! (We're the type of multi-boy, multi-cat family that needs a serious vac, lol!) So yes, I'll miss that big ole purple thing ... but this new one seems to work even better. (EB ate popcorn this afternoon - I gave it a good test.)

But what is it with us and appliances lately? Our coffeemaker fell apart over Christmas, and our dishwasher seems to be calling it quits, too. Poor Ollie, we haven't broken the news to him yet ~ if you recall, he's rather attached to our dishwasher.

Now, after all the milkshake/new vacuum excitement, I put the finishing touches on my little Lenten binder ...

Lent binder 1

It's nothing fancy at all, just a place in which to keep track of our Lenten journey and some of my ideas for the season. I also have a section in the back for the Stations of the Cross - it's my hope we'll do them together each Friday afternoon through Lent. :)


Well, I hope you all had a nice Monday, and to those of us in the US, I say a "Happy Presidents' Day!" Are your kids on vacation this week? Much to my kids' disappointment we do not take this week off - mostly because there's really no need to, but also because I like to take time off when it's good for us. So for example, we take time off around Thanksgiving, and we also take off Holy Week, as well as a few days after Easter. It all evens out in the end. :)

Now, for supper tonight I'm making "American Chop Suey" (a wonderful recipe from my friend, Debbie) and I'm serving it with crusty rolls and a simple tossed salad. For dessert ~ "Patriotic Sundaes" which are just scoops of vanilla ice cream, topped with homemade raspberry sauce, whipped cream and a shake of red-white-and-blue sprinkles.


So have a good night, folks ... and sincere thanks to everyone who participates in the Downton Abbey discussion. It's just so much fun to compare our thoughts and opinions, and I really don't know what we'll do now that Downton is done ... we need another show to discuss!

(Any ideas?)

Well, thanks for stopping in today, my friends ... I will see you all again very soon!