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Fresh Flowers and Bright Candles for May

I ❤ My File Crate Folders!

Files banner 1

And here's why:

Because in the midst of all my calendar clutter and planner pickiness, the file crate system has never failed me. Sure, it could use some fine-tuning, but it also works great as it is. Week after week, I don't really have to think about it - I just grab a new folder and set it to work.

And each May when I reach the end of my year's worth of folders, before I go out and buy a new supply, I ask myself:

Is this system still worth my time, money and effort?

My answer is always, YES.

So this past weekend I pulled the last folder from my '11-'12 stash and then I prepared for a new year. I'm always surprised when a year goes by, and I'm suddenly in need of more folders! And I'm not sure why my folders run May-April, it just worked out this way.

New fcs 3

A new file crate (drawer now, actually) filled with a fresh batch of folders!

Now, unless you're willing to pay big bucks, the color choices for file folders are pretty limited. Generally speaking, there are primary colors, pastels, neon shades, earthy tones, and good old-fashioned plain. You can find patterned folders, too, but the cost adds up when you need to buy at least 52 of them! This year, as you can see above, I chose plain manila folders because I liked how clean they looked. I'll play around with the planning sheet I attach to the front of each folder ... that's where I can get creative. :)

{And yes, I could recycle the folders year to year - that would be the economic/efficient/ecoogical thing to do. But I have a real thing about crisp and fresh office supplies, so I "splurge" on new folders every year. The old folders do get recyled - right in the paper bin, alongside the old newspapers and magazines.}

So here's my last folder of this year (left), sitting beside first folder for next (right):

New fcs 2

I wanted to point out (and I'm sure it's nothing you've not thought of, if you're a file folder user yourself), I find it very convenient to use a small bulldog clamp to secure the file "innards" when I'm taking the folder along with me. I just clamp the spine of the folder and then I don't have to worry about its contents spilling out when the folder is mobile.

So, tomorrow I'll continue with the "file folder love," in a post revealing what's inside the folder this week. I'll give you a peek in mine ... I'd love a peek in yours as well!

For now, though, I'll be off ... but have a great night my friends, and as always, thanks so much for stopping by. I will see you here again very soon!