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What's in Yer File Folder this Week? (Part 1)

Sorry if that title makes no sense to some of my readers, but everytime I read it, all I can hear is that Viking from the Capital One credit card commercial. You know the one I mean? What's in yerrrr wallet?


Let's take a closer look at my file folder this week, shall we?

File folder close look 1

We'll inspect the outside first ... then we'll go in.


Now, Lynette asked: I have one question-- why did you switch to post-its on the yellow paper instead of writing directly on the paper?

And, Kristen asked: Tell me about how you use the post-it notes on your folder. It looks like you might have a specific purpose for each one.

Ok, so ... as I've blogged about before, I like to staple a paper to the front of my file folders, and this is where I plan out my week. But as you can see, I am currently placing post-it notes on top of that sheet. Originally I did this so I could play around with the content and design of the weekly information (figuring out exactly what types of information I need in a given week, sorting those pieces of information onto separate stickies, and then moving those stickies around). Ultimately, I will design a planning sheet to meet my particular needs (and yes, I know I can be quite particular, lol). For now the stickies are keeping me quite organized with my weekly planning, but ultimately there will just be a sheet here.

 And to answer Kristen's question about the purpose of each post-it note, here's a breakdown:

File folder close look 2

Currently I have six squares, one each for:


Of Note

To Do

Posts & Photos




The "Suppers" sticky is pretty self-explanatory. I simply list M-S down the left side of the note (Monday-Sunday) and then I jot down anything that might affect that night's dinner - i.e. soccer practice, an evening meeting or a feast day to celebrate. Seeing these notes help me greatly when I make up the dinner plan, because I immediately know what nights we need something fast and easy, and what nights we have something to celebrate. I also know what nights I won't have Bill home to help with supper. (There are a few dishes he makes - like pizzas, panini and hamburgers - so I obviously schedule those for nights he's home early.)

The "Of Note" sticky is where I list, in chronological order, any activities, events, holidays, etc. that are happening this week. For example, this week includes: May Day, Book Group, Art Classes, "The Avengers" (a movie the boys want to see), Cinco de Mayo, Full Flower Moon, the SAT, soccer picture day, Mass. Etc.

The "To-Do" note is also pretty obvious. Here is where I list tasks that are timely to that week.

On the "Posts & Photos" sticky I jot down notes for blog posts and photos I'd like to take. For instance, I was just mixing up meatloaf and thought of a neat pantry-related post - so as soon as I had my hands cleaned, I jotted the idea down on my folder.

"Notes" are just that. A place to write something down that has no real place. I wrote down a Father's Day gift idea here the other day, as well as a website I wanted to look up online.

The "Projects" sticky is where I list projects I'm working on (or should be working on) currently. A few things I have on that note: Spring newsletter, Summer Ed. Plan, Earlybird's Science Fair Project, and Spring Planting.


And so far, these are the basic types of information I've found I need to look at/remember/work on in a given week. As I mentioned above, I will eventually design a weekly planning sheet (with the help of those stickies!). It will hopefully be something convenient and useful, but something that makes me happy to look at as well. I will of course, keep you all posted. :)

Ok so this post got WAY bigger than I had originally intended, so I will split it in two and post the second half tomorrow. That's when I'll show you what I actually have stashed inside my file folder this week. I don't do this to "overshare" (though I've certainly been guilty of that in the past!), but as a way of showing you how the file folder can be used. And I would love to know how you are using your own file folders - if you use them of course, and if you have time.


So I'll say goodbye for now ... but as always I thank you for stopping by! Oh, but before I go, may I direct your attention to the link over there on the righthand side of my blog? Right near the top. That will take you over to a new housekeeping blog I've started: Daily Bits of Domestic Bliss(Blogging is addicting, don'tcha know?) I only started it two days ago, so there's not much there to see yet. And, as you'll see from my note, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. I'm mainly doing it as a means of keeping a domestic diary for myself. But you're more than welcome to read along!

OK, I'm really off now! Bill's home, the meatloaf smells done and I have kept you here long enough!

But I'll see you here again very soon!