Happy Easter!
Tons of Easter Pictures & a 32-Week Bump Shot!

Masterpiece Monday: Call the Midwife (season 2, ep. 1)


Alleluia, my friends! Happy April! Rabbit, rabbit!

I hope you all had a nice weekend, celebrating Easter or otherwise enjoying your home, family and friends. :)

So Call the Midwife has returned, and it was just as lovely as I remembered. Miraculously, I was able to stay awake last night to watch the show in its entirety, but my mind is a bit muddled this morning to form a readable reaction. I will join you all in the comments a bit later today ... the boys have a busy morning and I have a house to put back together after the big Easter shindig yestereday. (Wonderful fun, pictures to come!)

Overall I can say I enjoyed the episode very much - especially Trixie's storyline (nice to see her character develop). I was appalled at both the captain's daughter's situation as well as Molly's marriage ... how very sad (for the women) and shameful (of those men). I haven't read the CtM novel myself, but I'm assuming these situations are based on real life according to Nurse Jenny's memoir ...

And speaking of television, we recorded Mr. Selfridges, the new Masterpiece Classic as well as Game of Thrones on HBO. I have no idea when we'll catch up with those shows, but hopefully sometime this week!

So Happy Easter Monday, everyone ... please leave a comment if you'd like and I will "see" you in the comments a bit later today.