Friday Felines Follow-Up
Kitchen Chat, Week Two: Menu Planning

Enjoying the sun ...

... and my son. :)

My friends, I hope wherever you are today, your weather has been as nice as ours ... 50 degrees and gloriously sunny! Dare I say, Spring is almost here? (No, I dare not ... knock on wood ... eek!) While Bill had the older boys out this afternoon, I spent some time with Little Bear in the sunroom ... a room we've not been in much since last Fall! It's just been too cold ... but today ... oh, today, we were out there!

(And so too, the cats!)

O and mama sunny 6

 Soon, Mama?

O and mama sunny 7 

Soon, Baby ...

O and mama sunny 2

Cruisin' ... on a sunny afternoon.

O and mama sunny 4

Oh, that sun feels so good!

O and mama sunny 8

(Archie thinks so, too.)

O and mama sunny 5

Sunny, blessed days ...

O and mama sunny 1

Wish I could bottle it all up, you know?

Hope you all have a nice weekend ... see you here again very soon!