Friday Felines
Enjoying the sun ...

Friday Felines Follow-Up

Cats on chair together 4

I swear I didn't set this up!... but how funny that the cats struck this pose today ... right after we pointed out they've been spending so much time apart! It was like they got "the memo," lol. So of course, I had to take their photo ...

Well, I hope you all had a nice day ... I was hoping to have my library tour posted, but alas, I had very few "free" minutes to spare on my laptop today ... so I will work on it over the weekend and post once it's done. You know me, there are a lot of photos - and I do tend to get wordy - so it's taking some piecing together. Oh, and remember - the next Kitchen Chat topic is "menu planning" so please give that some thought, and join me for a little "coffee and conversation" on Monday ... I need to reassess my own family-food strategies ... they've gotten quite rusty.

Enjoy your weekend, my friends ... see you here again very soon!