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Friday Felines Follow-Up

Friday Felines

Cats on chair together

Sylvia reminded me I have not shown a picture of our cats together in some time! I think they like to spread out more these days - Oliver (in chair seat) tends to spend the day upstairs in the bedrooms, while Archie (on the back of the chair) favors a warm spot in the dining room. (So much so, I set up a blanket and bin there for him.) Archie's the more social of the two, so he ends up in more pictures ... but I happened to notice them both curled up together last night in the library, so I snapped a quick shot!

They are both doing well, and enjoying our new home ... and the baby, from afar - they're getting fairly alarmed that he is now getting big and becoming quite mobile! All my "babies" are growing fast - Archie and Ollie will be three in April!


Well, I hope you all have a nice Friday ... I'll be in touch again later today.

Blessings, my friends!