• My name is Dawn and this blog is my little happy spot. 😊 I am mom to 4 boys - our oldest is in college, and our youngest is in diapers! I chat about lots of things here: family, food, faith, nature, books, crafts, organization, homeschooling and special needs (our 14 yo has Autism). Thanks for reading ~ I hope you enjoy your visit! ❀

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  • I LOVE ...
    snowdrops * crocus * daffodils * pussy willows * forsythia * hopping robins * cooing doves * lighter days * windy weather * skies that are blue one moment, gray the next * soft rain * fresh air * mud (YES mud) * melting snow * rainboots * puddles * asparagus * potting soil * seed packets * rhubarb * a bright cardigan on a chilly day * a new spring bag * new polish on the toes * peepers singing in the woods * dandelions * rainbows * greening grass * the village plant sale ... to be continued! ❀

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    A HUGE archive of monthly posts with notes on food, faith, holidays, household, nature and crafts. Several years old, but still useful I find!

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Spring Thought

  • "In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt." ~ Margaret Atwood

For Palm Sunday ...

  • Marni McGee: The Colt and the King

    Marni McGee: The Colt and the King
    This is an absolutely *beautiful* story about the young colt who carried Jesus into Jerusalem ... and then dreams of meeting "his friend" again someday. New family favorite. :)

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The Night Sky

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  • Happy 40th Dawn !
    Bill surprised me with a whole blog devoted to my 40th birthday! You can visit at the above link. :)

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