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  • Welcome to By Sun and Candlelight! My name is Dawn and this blog is my little happy spot. 😊 I am mom to 4 boys - our oldest just graduated from college, and our youngest is just starting prek! I chat about lots of things here: family, food, faith, nature, books, crafts, organization, homeschooling and special needs (our 15 yo has Autism). Thanks for reading ~ I hope you enjoy your visit! ❤
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Comment by Dawn on “Tea @ Dawn's ~ Birthdays, Bluebirds & Sweet Winter Blessings”

I love that your birthday is squirrel day, Penny! Squirrels and tea - two of my "most" favorite t...

Comment by Eileen on “November Surprises”

Isn't it just so exciting to identify a new bird? We saw a yellow-bellied sapsucker in a pine tr...

Comment by Jen Huff on “Happy ... Today!”

I love squirrels, too! Even when we had birdfeeders at our old house (we are apt. dwellers for th...

Comment by debbie on “A Nutty Little Nature Story”

I always thought squirrels were cute and I still do. They can be unpredictable though. When my ...

Comment by Susan on “10 Things I'm Excited About ...”

Dawn, since y'all like squirrels, I bet you'd enjoy Bianca Lavies's "Tree Trunk Traffic," a nonfi...

Comment by Beth on “A Wonderful Nature Story”

Hi Dawn, My guys also enjoy squirrels and chipmunks so I will definitely check this book out. I ...