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Spring Swings

Spring Things

Scan0001 Just in time for spring, a new e-mail group has been created at Yahoo:  Catholic Gardening.  Slim though my gardening skill may be, I have the usual high hopes for this year, so I jumped right on that bandwagon ... Thanks to Molly for setting it up! :)

As the seasons turn, I hope to post regularly about our gardening experiences. Here's a quick preview:

This year we'll be trying our hand at garden crafts, container gardening, medieval herbs, berry bushes and gardening for wildlife. I'd also like to add to our quiet St. Francis corner ~ a circular bench under the flowering cherry, some shade plants around the rhododendrons, perhaps some gentle windchimes ...

Of course, this is my March list, when potential is everything ... it will be interesting to see how the list stands in the heat of July!