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A Wonderful Nature Story

If you've been following this blog, you know that we have a bit of a thing for squirrels. We enjoy observing the antics of several in our yard ~ including one big black, one little red and a large gray that's missing part of his tail.

A few weeks ago, after I posted my first picture of Red Tail, Alice (from Cottage Blessings) suggested a book we might enjoy. I was able to find it online, and I ordered it right away; but as can sometimes happen, I forgot all about the book that was on its way .... Chessie

So, what a nice surprise it was yesterday when our mailman brought a package to the door ~ inside was the book Alice mentioned, the one you see pictured at right: Chessie the Long Island Squirrel by Sachiko Komoto.

When the boys came in from playing outside (actually they were chased in by a persistant bee!) we sat down and read this book together. Alice was right ~ it is a great read, and packed with lots of information as well as beautiful illustrations!

It tells the story of Chessie, a young female squirrel as she spends the seasons of her first year of life in the backyard of a Long Island home. I highly recommend this book if you have an interest in squirrels (or even just in nature itself).

After we finished the book, I asked the boys what they learned about squirrels and here are their responses:

  • Squirrels move a ton of times.
  • They eat pinecones.
  • Crows might eat them.
  • The little caterpillars that drop from trees by strings aren't on spider webs.
  • Squirrels also like to eat mushrooms.

All good things to know. I too was unaware of several facts revealed in this charming book. Just another one of the benefits of homeschooling ~ you learn right along with your kids!