How I Love This Boy
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Hey, I Found My Other Sock!

Earlybird was consumed with excitement this morning, because today was co-op day ~ when our best friends come over for a few hours of learning and playing together. Since the weather was nice, I casually mentioned to the boys that we would probably end up spending most of the afternoon outside in the yard.

With positive glee, Earlybird sounded the alarm. "'Ocks! Shoes! 'Ocks! Shoes!"

"In a bit, love," I told him. For it was only 7 a.m. and for the most part, except for in matters of wildlife defense, the backyard is off-limits until the more civilized hour of, say, 9:00.

As I went about the morning chores I was vaguely aware my youngest child was independently assembling what, in his mind, were the essentials to getting outside to play ... a pair of pants was left on the table, a shoe appeared on the kitchen counter, then a sock was found on the couch ...

Next thing I knew, from down the hall, I heard a loud wail ~ "Mama! Mamaaaaa!!!"


And here I found Earlybird, halfway dressed and halfway under his bed, in search of that still missing piece to the puzzle, the other sock! (I know, I know, his room's a mess. And please don't ask why we keep socks under the beds.)

And, as you can see from the picture, I wasn't kidding about the marker on his feet!