Peace Be With You ...
Have You Ever Had One of Those Days ...

I Just Can't Help It!

I can't stop posting about squirrels! I can't stop taking pictures of those furry little critters. I'm like the squirrel paparazzi for goodness sakes. The woods must be all abuzz about the nutty lady with the shiny silver thing who pops out of shrubbery and hangs out the windows ...

Athough I have to say, the two squirrels pictured here (yes that's Tough Nut and Red Tail once again) were perfectly at ease whilst I snapped away like crazy. And they barely flinched when my boys went crashing through the room behind me (this time I was hanging out the windows) ~ I would guess by now they must be quite used to the noises that emanate from this household between the dawn and the dark.


Tough Nut, above, although engrossed in his cracked corn, would stop and look and listen to me as I talked nicely to him. Red Tail, below, was also quite accomodating, turning my way when I clucked my tongue, trying to get his attention. The little ham. It was pouring rain all afternoon but the wide evergreen canopy kept all our little visitors and feeders dry.


So we continue with our squirrel study this week with more time spent admiring the pages of Chessie: The Long Island Squirrel; I'll also introduce two other squirrel-themed favorites ~ Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin and Squirrels by Brian Wildsmith.

Now I realize we are not all on the same page when it comes to squirrels at our feeders. I know some of you consider squirrels a nuisance and in many cases that moniker is deserved. Somehow the wildlife in our yard has worked out a balance of some sort ~ and everyone seems to get his piece of the pie.

Here is a list of some squirrel treats you might consider placing out in a tray or on the ground, just in case you are moved by my post ... ;)

Squirrel Feeder Foods:

  • acorns
  • amelanchier berries
  • blackberries, raspberries and other small fruits
  • bread and other baked goods
  • buckeyes
  • cereal
  • chestnuts
  • corn, any kind
  • crackers
  • dried peas and beans
  • eggs, hard boiled or scrambled
  • leftovers
  • leftover "trail mix" snacks
  • meat scraps
  • nuts, any kind
  • peanut butter
  • peanuts
  • pine nuts
  • suet
  • sunflower seeds

(From The Backyard Bird Feeder's Bible: The A-Z Guide to Feeders, Seed Mixes, Projects and Treats by Sally Roth)