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The Song of the Heart's-Ease Fairy

One of my favorite moments in spring is when I discover a newly sprung crop of Johnny Jump-ups in the yard. Wildflowers like these - that arrive unannounced - are my favorite flowers of all. Johnny Jump-ups have a few pretty names; the more practical is Wild Pansy, the more romantic would be Heart's-Ease.


We were so pleased one recent morning, to find some of these little fancy faces in our garden and then later to find this sweet little poem (below). It is one of the songs of the Flower Fairies of the Spring, by Cicely Mary Barker.

The Song of the Heart's-Ease Fairy

Like the richest velvet

(I've heard the fairies tell)

Grow the handsome pansies

within the garden wall;

When you praise their beauty,

remember me as well ~

Think of little Heart's-Ease,

the brother of them all!

Come away and seek me

when the year is young,

Through the open ploughlands

beyond the garden wall;

Many names are pretty

and many songs are sung:

Mine ~ because I'm Heart's-ease ~

are prettiest of all!

As the mother of boys, I have a special fondness for the male fairies scattered throughout Barker's books ~ those most charming little imps, such as the one described above. We also enjoy listening to the fairies' words set to music in the CD A Flower Fairy Alphabet ~ it is lovely music for little ones, and perfect for springtime parties.


Heart's-Ease also happens to be the name of a magazine column I enjoy, written by my all-time favorite garden writer, Sharon Lovejoy. I just ordered a book of hers called The Little Green Island with a Little Red House: A Book of Colors and Critters. I had no idea she had written a book for children, but it looks right up our alley ...

I'll let you know what I think once we get it! :)