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Morning at the Farm (Warning: LOTS of Photos!)

Things to Do While Swinging:


Eat popsicles.

Scream at a bee.

Watch the birds.

Fall off.

Look for airplanes.

Make up songs about swinging.

Count to 300, lose your place, and blame your brother.

Argue over who gets which swing ...


... and listen to your mother read aloud a really, really good book.

I think we have started a new spring tradition! We have spent every morning this past week out on the swings ~ me, standing there pushing Earlybird with one hand, holding a book in the other, while my three boys sail back and forth, absolutely engrossed in our current read-aloud. For no less than an hour each day (I've got the sunburn to prove it)!

And what book has them so spellbound, you might ask? Well that would be Little House by Boston Bay written by none other than Melissa Wiley (Here in the Bonny Glen). We are not quite finished, but when we are I will post more about this wonderful book which we are using for this month's history ... and literature and nature study and it seems P.E.! ;)

Now this is what homeschooling looks like!