I Just Can't Help It!
Sheepshearing Day!

Have You Ever Had One of Those Days ...

One of those days when you're popping Tums from the get-go and you crash the computer not once but twice?

One of those days when you're running late - way late - for an appointment, and as you scramble to leave, you realize you are one car seat short, so you spend the next 10 minutes reconfiguring your van's interior so your kids can now ride (sort of) safely and now you are even later - way way later?

One of those days when you lock yourself - and your three charges - out of the house in the middle of a rainstorm, and as you go to call for help you discover your cell phone is dead? Gone, kaput, no dice.

One of those days when there are no neighbors to help (they all work), no husband to save you (he's in a meeting), no mother to race over (she's gone out for the day). Your youngest needs his nap, your middle needs the toilet, and all the kids (and you) need their lunch ...

The moral of the story? Well, what can you do in situations like these but pray for strength (and a smidgen of grace) ... which is what I did, fervently, all day.

(Of course it wouldn't hurt to make up a few more keys!)

And in the midst of all this craziness, from the back of the van, a small cheerful voice rang out "You're going to blog about this aren't you?" :)