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Mother's Day ~ at Last!

Well, our colds are gone, my toe's on the mend, and the rains have let up for theCupcakes_8 moment, so we were finally able to celebrate Mother's Day (today!) with a wonderful family brunch. The casserole, fruit salad, kielbasa, and muffins (not to mention the mimosas) were all lovely ~ but perhaps the most fun and delicious of all were the cupcakes!

You might remember last month, we hosted another happy brunch on Palm Sunday, when my Crackerjack was hoping for watermelon cake. Well, today he finally got his wish because the cupakes you see above are filled with watermelon jello! They were very pretty to look at ~ and they tasted pretty good too!

Now, notice the ladybug liners? Well, they were all part of a theme ...

Recently we found out the cheerful ladybug (sometimes called ladybird) is named for OurLadybug_greeting Lady herself ~ and this only endeared the little creature to us all the more! It was The Ladybird's Prayer in The Creatures Choir which first tipped us off, and of course a notebook page was in order ... but we also thought it made a lovely Mother's Day card! (click the image at right to read the prayer).

So with ladybugs and watermelon all falling in place, it was time to work on the gifts!

A while back I mentioned a craft we were working on, that we hoped to finish before Mother's Day. Well, today - one week late (but still just in time) - our rosary boxes were finished and ready to present. Thanks to lots of help, of course. :) We took plain wooden boxes from the craft store ~ painted them, embellished them with rub-on rose images, and lined them with felt ... And here are the results:

Closed ...


and open!


For our mothers and Our Mother ~ a special day at long last! Below is our annual Mother's Day photo ... We love you Nana, Grandma and Damee!


And a belated Happy Mother's Day to all my mother friends, both online and off!