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Now What Do We Have Here?

We're Having a Field Day!

Care to join us? :)

As you've probably gathered by now, here at By Sun and Candlelight, we're a bit nutty for nature. Happily, though, we've discovered we're not alone in our zeal! It's wonderfully inspiring to hear about others' backyard adventures Opening_yellow_wildflower_1and to "see" what's happening in so many corners of the country - and world! Whether urban, suburban or rural, please consider sharing some of your nature here!

So what is Field Day exactly? Well, I'm hoping it will be an ongoing blog "carnival" of nature study, and this edition will serve as its rather humble beginnings! ;) Field Day will be a showcase of posts about (and pictures of) nature of all kinds. Some ideas:

  • nature journals
  • widlife encounters - up close or from afar
  • nature poetry - original or not
  • biographies of, or works by, naturalists
  • favorite resources for nature study
  • observations, field notes, reflections
  • the changing seasons
  • gardening
  • how you fit nature study in
  • OR why you can't seem TO fit it in!

I'm sure I've missed a million other facets of nature study - but the point is, if you would like to share something about or from nature, please do it here! It can be an old post, a recent post or something you write specifically for Field Day ... and your post doesn't have to be summer specific! Any season will do!Hanging_spruce_cones

And if you're a non-blogger, please do not hesitate to contribute. I have already had a few non-blogging friends send me great nature photos I'll include in this carnival! Just send me an e-mail along with your photos attached.

Now for the nitty-gritty. :) I would like to post the Early Summer edition of Field Day on June 29th, so please have your submissions to me by next Tuesday, June 27th. And here's how to do it!

Send me an e-mail at drNOSPAMhanigan@verizon.net (just be sure to remove the NOSPAM from my address before you send it!) with the following information:

  • your name
  • your blog name and URL
  • your post name and URL
  • a brief description of your post
  • your e-mail address (which will NOT appear in public in any way)

And if you have more than one, send a few! I am famous (or would that be infamous?) for sending multiple posts when submitting to a carnival, LOL! It's so much fun to share and learn, it can be hard to hold back. :)

I do hope this carnival strikes a chord - with homeschoolers and Hidden_mothnon-homeschoolers alike - who enjoy observing the whims and rhythms of nature. Hopefully, if all goes well, Field Day will make seasonal appearances (Midsummer, Late Summer, Early Autumn ...), but I'm getting way ahead of myself! I'll see how this one goes first ...

It's such a great time of year for getting out there in nature - it's my hope that Field Day will celebrate, and encourage, that venture!

Please feel free to help me spread the word, and I hope to hear from you soon! :)