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More on the Coyote/Fox Creature!

Thank you to everyone who has posted comments on our coyote-fox creature! It seems like we're leaning toward coyote, though Theresa's suggestion of a hybrid is interesting, LOL!

I thought I would mention a few more things and post a few more pictures in case they reveal any more helpful clues:

First of all, this was our third sighting. Last Friday, Bookworm saw him trotting through the woods, and on Sunday we saw him again, mid-afternoon, frisking around our neighbor's yard. He made for the street, only to run back to the woods when the ice cream truck came around the corner. His behavior during these photos taken yesterday around 5 p.m., was puppyish - rolling around in the grass and turning about.




The lower two show his tail a bit better. (Click on the images for a larger view). We have seen foxes before (usually very early in the morning) - but this guy seemed larger, ganglier and his tail was less bushy. We live in a very woodsy corner of our town, and surprisingly enough, it is the downtown area that has seen more coyote action! Must be all the construction down that way.

Now, hypothetically speaking - say the boys and I are out in the yard (which is fenced) and the coyote/fox creature is sighted ... do we run or walk into the house? :) As much as I love wildlife, I would never approach such an animal as this.

Fortunately, my cats are all indoors, but I do worry about my beloved woodland critters, particularly my squirrels! Bookworm's concern is his camping party this weekend, the highlight of which is to be a nature walk through the woods! I would think, though, that a party of 10 kids and 2 adults would make enough racket to keep all critters at bay! :)