When You Take Your Children Shopping ...
Wrong Pole, Wrong Decade!

Family History = a Future Rabbit Trail

My parents came back for coffee after Mass this morning and my mum brought some old family pictures to show us. Most were from the early 1900s and showed my grandmother and her brothers and sisters (there were 9!), her parents, grandparents and the old family home.

It was really neat to see these snippets of family life - our family's life - from so long ago. It was also neat to see a few faces that looked familiar - familiar because of features passed down to the little boys standing beside me. :)

This photo in particular caught our attention:


This is a picture of my grandfather's cousin (and his dog) who were part of the Peary expedition to the North Pole in 1908!

Well, you can just imagine the gears spinning madly in my head right now! I realized I know little about the Pole expeditions but this picture (and its backstory) has fueled a new curiosity ...

We have too much going on to jump down this tempting rabbit trail right now, but it will be on our fall agenda to be sure! I'm thinking round-abouts Christmas, a North Pole unit would be just right. :)