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Wrong Pole, Wrong Decade!

Well, it seems I was a bit "off" on my facts yesterday ~ but only by 30 some-odd years and thousands of miles! :)

My grandfather's cousin, pictured in my previous post, did indeed travel on a polar expedition - but not with Peary in 1908! Nope - wrong decade, wrong side of the earth! My distant relative was in fact with Admiral Byrd on the '39 expedition to the South Pole!

We're still gung-ho on a future unit study of the poles, though. I'm thinking we'll look at the North Pole in November-December (the arctic tundra, Inuit people, Santa Claus) and the South Pole in January-February (sled dogs, penguins, glaciers). It so happens our homeschool support group holds an annual Heritage Day in January, and I think this bit of family history would make a fun presentation! :)