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Now, Who Made this Mess?


If you've been following my blog, you can probably guess!

As you see here, painting is almost purely a hands-on experience for Earlybird. Paintbrush shmaintbrush! Notice the handprint on the wall? Paper shmaper! Thankfully, the paint cleans up pretty well (as does EB). :)

Earlybird has always been a very tactile child. He loves to soothe himself to sleep by rubbing his bedsheets. He loves to play with mama's hair and giggles at the feel of daddy's stubble. He loves exploring and assessing with his hands ~ sand, water, dirt, dough, paint. And then of course there's the little known and much misunderstood medium of macaroni and cheese:


Fork shmork!

Now, I feel it necessary to point out that EB can use a fork and does so quite well. But you know, what 4 yo can resist the ooey-gooey texture of Annie's Creamy Deluxe ...


... when it's smushed and squished between your fingers? And it's the nicest shade of orange, too. :)

So I'm thinking my Earlybird might just be a tactile learner. And if so, I'll need to find pre-K activities that will suit such a "handy" boy as he. Are there books - or entire curricula -- suited to this type of learner? A quick google search turned up this - but I need some more direction! I'd love to make the most of his strengths. If you have any ideas, please let me know! For now, I'm off to investigate! :)