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Spot Check: The Corner Counter

I'll be participating in an upcoming fun project over at 4Real so get ready for some kitchen photos coming your way! :) Here's the first space I tackled, the counter to the right of the stove. My kids call it "Mama's Special Counter" because it always has my stuff all over it - but truly there aren't too many places in our house where my stuff isn't, so let's just call it the corner counter. And here it is:

Before (or after I took everything off and cleaned it thoroughly):


After (it all got put back in much better order):


Sadly, there's nothing bubbling away in that dutch oven, but the point is there could be. And what's behind those cabinets you may wonder? Well that's for me to know and you to (maybe) find out! Seriously though, they're filled with a jumble of things (Pyrex dishes, Kitchen Aid parts, birthday candles, bubble solution and stamps). I hope to get them cleaned out soon - and to make better use of the cabinet doors. I'm inspired by an idea I read about at Enjoy the Journey (a neat new blog I've been reading) to use this space to post important household information such as calendars, prayers and a dosage chart. I might add emergency numbers (like Dominoes) and CPR directions. I'll see what I come up with and will post about it later!

(But please don't ask me about that drawer.)