Happy Birthday Crackerjack!!!
Let the Loveliness Begin!

It's Been One Big Party Around Here!

First it was VBS all last week. Then it was our family party for Crackerjack on Saturday. And today came the grand finale - the kids' party! And I think it is safe to say, a grand time was had by all! After all this partying though, we're all in need of a good night's sleep!

I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to all our friends who helped make it a such a special day for Crackerjack. He (and we) had a blast! It will be a day we remember forever - and one we will talk about for some time!

Here are some photos of the fun we had today. Just to set the scene, Crackerjack chose "Over the Hedge" for his 7th birthday party theme (as in the Dreamworks movie that came out this summer). The day was beautiful - sunny and warm - so we were able to hold the party in our backyard.


The first game we played was "R.J.'s Scavenger Hunt." These are the kids' bags with their search lists tucked inside. We hid five items for them to find (small serving sizes of Pringles, Doritos, Smartfood, Chips-a-Hoy and Juicy Fruit gum). If you saw the movie, you probably remember RJ the raccoon had to return a whole checklist of groceries to Vincent the Bear before he woke up for the spring. This was the gist of our game (minus the mean hungry bear of course.)


Next it was on to the presents! Crackerjack (in the Celtics shirt - a b.day gift from his Uncle Matt) received many generous and thoughtful presents from his friends - 2 blue knights, a long stuffed dragon, a birdfeeder of his very own, garden tools, a stuffed monkey backpack and a Mario t-shirt!


Wow, what a cool dragon! He's as big as Crackerjack! (And perfectly to scale with our toy knights, Bookworm points out.) 


This game was "Verminator Freeze Tag." The kids all chose animals to be and then ran for their lives from The Verminator (Daddy)!


Chocolate cupcakes were "embellished" by O.T.H. character stickers on wooden plant stakes ...


The cupcake was the soil, the whipped cream was a dash of fertilizer, and the green sprinkles were grass seed. A bit of a stretch - but they were very yummy! :)


Boy that's a good cupcake! Then it was on to a round of pinata ...


I don't know Daddy, he looks like a pretty big turtle to me!


Stand back, bat in action! (Btw, it was the youngest of our group that broke the pinata!)


Here's Crackerjack with his friend Abby, holding what's left of the turtle pinata.


What a fun day - I think Earlybird has the right idea! Good night and God bless!