A is for August: The Refrigerator
A is for August: The Rest of the Kitchen!

The Heart of the Home

I have more "re-organized" kitchen pictures to post, but first I thought I'd take a moment to explain what this is all about.

We've been busily chatting at 4Real about our kitchens - about how we can bring a touch of elegant simplicity to the very heart of our home. All of this talk has inspired me to look at my own kitchen in a new light, and to find ways to make it work - and feel -better for us.

For me, elegant simplicity begins with a clean room - as clean as a busy family can keep it! - and then the pleasing little touches stand out:

The sink has been scrubbed all bright and shiny. A breeze comes through the open windows. A gingerbread candle burns on the stove. Fragrant lavender soap cleans my hands. There's something good baking in the oven. Favorite mugs are filled with morning coffee. Freshly laundered cloths are folded in the bottom drawer. A few favorite cookbooks are standing in the corner. And then there's the sound of children happy at home ... a big boy getting his milk on his own - oh, so carefully. And a little boy asking for his mama's help. All these touches bring a very simple but very satisfying "elegance" to my heart and my home.

My kitchen is not big or fancy. It's not going to be found in the pages of House Beautiful anytime soon. But it is all that I had ever hoped it would be. It's cozy and cheerful. It's big enough to hold two parents and three little boys at one time. It's filled with good food, good times and yes, very often, too much clutter and too many crumbs. :)

Most of all, though, it is mine and my family's. And the true blessing of it is, I get to spend many happy hours of my of my day - day after day - in there. Watching my children, wiping the sink, drinking my coffee, talking to God, cooking our meals, pouring the milk, and yes, cleaning those dishes.

It's all part of the simple elegance that brings a great pride and joy to my heart. Simple elegance in my kitchen may start with a fresh and clean room, but it ends with all the time spent there together.