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Another Field Day, Folks!

August is here, can you believe it? I think it's time for another Field Day! :)

I would love to run the next Field Day: The Late Summer Edition on Monday, August 21st. That's a little less than three weeks away ...August_sunflower

Plenty of time for me to - ahem - bug you for posts about nature! And plenty of time to generate a post about nature if you  - ahem - like me, have found it too hot or rainy to do much nature study lately!

Just like last time, Field Day: The Late Summer Edition will be a showcase of posts (and pictures) about nature of all kinds. A few ideas:

  • the late summer garden
  • the local farmstand
  • new nature journals
  • nature study goals for the new year
  • fun trips to the beach, the zoo, the farm (etc.)
  • nature on vacation
  • favorite nature books
  • naturalists you admire
  • observations, field notes, reflections
  • the changing seasons
  • All the same details apply (see this post for more information). Bloggers and non-bloggers are welcome! If you would like to be included in the Field Day: Late Summer Edition (and I sure hope you do!) please e-mail me the following information by Friday, August 18th at [email protected] (just be sure to remove the NOSPAM from my address before you send it).

    (And please help me spread the word!)


    • your name
    • your blog URL
    • your post name
    • your post URL
    • a brief description of your post


    • your name
    • your pictures (send as an e-mail attachment)
    • brief description of your pictures/nature experience

    bees buzzing * crickets chirping * heat rising * cicadas singing * bats flapping * thunder rolling * fireflies blinking * waves crashing * gardens growing * dragonflies zipping * petals falling * campfires crackling * stars twinkling ...

    How does nature say late summer to you? :)