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A is for August: The Refrigerator

And August is for getting organized!

There's just so much to organize around here - but there's also only just so much time. Lately I've been working on my kitchen - taking it one corner at a time. Recently, I worked on the front of the refrigerator, which serves as a kind of family central - a place to stick appointment cards, invitations, photographs, prayer cards, funny comics etc. I have a penchant for cluttering it up with all kinds of colorful paraphernalia, but in pursuit of a bit more simple elegance, I tried to pare it down and make it less busy. It's still pretty full, but at least it's neater:



This is a perpetual dry erase calendar that came with monthly labels and little magnets for birthdays, holidays and such. I've had it for years - it's kind of country-cutesy, very Gooseberry Patch! I have yet to fill in the calendar squares for this month, but just underneath the calendar you see a touch of fridgeschooling:

Next on the list: the sink and the center island - both virtual hotbeds for chaos and clutter. Can I whip them into shape? Stay tuned ...