Children's Literature: Late Summer Favorites
Another Field Day is Just Ahead ...

Tea and Crafts on The Assumption

"See the beauty of the daughter of Jerusalem, who ascended to heaven like the rising sun at dawn." ~ Benedictus antiphon of the Daily Office

Yesterday, in honor of the Assumption, we made a Marian craft and spent some time talking about Our Lady. I wanted to do some hands-on activities that would help us explore the meaning of this beautiful feast.

I have been so inspired by my dear friend Alice who has shared many wonderful liturgical crafts at her Cottage Blessings. Not too long ago I was at AC Moore looking for materials for just such a craft as described by Alice, when I came across some lovely wooden dancing suns. Their shape appealed to me, and I tried to imagine how I might use them. No bright ideas came to me, but I bought them and tucked them away hoping inspiration might strike some day. Well, as summer waned, and the Assumption approached, it dawned on me ...


With Earlybird down for his nap, we began work on our wooden forms - the dancing suns and stars. We first painted them in warm sunny colors and then embellished them with photocopied pictures of Our Lady. (I intended to use holy cards, but the photocopies worked better.) After painting his star (red of course), Crackerjack added white lily stickers around his chosen image of Mary.


While the boys worked, I read aloud the day's Gospel from my August Magnificat. We talked about what the Scripture meant and why the Assumption is an important day in the liturgical year.

And while the crafts dried by a sunny window ...


We enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea ...


We had cookies, graham crackers and Peach Apricot Honeybush Tea (a non-caffeinated herbal blend) sweetened with honey. (Crackerjack opted for plain milk.) While the boys ate, I read from Mary, the Mother of Jesus by Tomie de Paola and we helped Crackerjack practice the Hail Mary.

Finally, our crafts were dry and I used a glue gun to attach golden ribbons in back . We hung them up, for now, on our bulletin board. We love the cheerful, summer colors! And I love the time we spent together celebrating our beautiful Catholic faith. :)


May your day be peaceful and joyous! God bless!