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Well, make that 15 - as usual, I got a little carried away! :) But I just had to share some things that have me smiling this week, in no particular order:

~ First and foremost (and breaking my no-particular-order rule right off the bat) my dad is home from the hospital and doing very well!! Thanks again for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

~ It's autumn - really and truly - at last.

~ Pride and Prejudice - The 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Collector's Set is coming out this week! Austen fans everywhere - oh, who am I kidding, Colin Firth fans everywhere - must take note of this memorable moment. I won't be buying this DVD set, as it is quite expensive - though I'm sorely tempted. No, dh very sweetly recorded all 300 minutes for me off A & E last year, so I can't really justify the purchase. But still - it's kind of neat to see this awesome BBC production back making news. (I read about it in Entertainment Weekly; that counts as news in my book.) And it's a great excuse to re-watch the whole 6-part series this coming weekend - a nice way to pass laundry-folding time don't you think? Hmmm ... now I just need some chilly rain, some hot tea, and a few buttered scones.

~ LOST Season 3. It's only NINE days away! The hatch - or the hatch no more? The Others - bad or not so bad? Kate - come on, now - Jack or Sawyer? And please don't let Mr. Eko be dead! (If you watch, you know what I mean; if you don't well, you should start!)

~ A new Field Day is right around the corner! (I just had to sneak in one more shameless plug for my upcoming nature carnival.) Send me something by the end of the day tomorrow and you're in!!

~ And in other exciting carnival news - there is a brand new Catholic Homeschool Blog Carnival coming to the blogosphere (every first Friday of the month)! Submissions are due here by today. This is right up my alley - I'm Catholic, I homeschool and I blog! (I'll be digging something up right after I finish this post.)

~ We're going on a great field trip later this week - to an honest-to-goodness CASTLE! Naturally, there will be a follow-up post - but first I must get up pictures from the apple picking field trip dh took the boys on LAST week ... stay tuned!

~ Then there's the Barnes and Noble Educator Appreciation Week beginning this Saturday (and going through the 8th of October)! And following right behind is Borders Books Educator Savings Days (October 14-18)!! Hmmm, I feel some Christmas shopping coming on!

~ Over at my favorite corner of the web, the 4Real Boards, I just found a wonderful Eastern Grey Squirrel Project (thanks, MacBeth!) plus we found lots of acorns in our yard the other day ... and you all know how we feel about squirrels!

~ I got my 1,000th comment the other day! It was from Jennifer - and her comment was actually a question about the Christmas blog I, ahem, kinda-sorta-almost started recently. Jennifer, I didn't meant to ignore your question - I'm still trying to figure out what to do! I'm just not sure I can do another blog justice right now ... Christmas-themed posts? A definite YES! A Christmas-themed blog? A definite MAYBE! :) Oh, and Jennifer, those window stars are beautiful but tricky. Bookworm seems to have a knack for them, though. (Me? I'd go plumb nuts over all those tetchy folds and cuts!)

~ And speaking of Christmas - did you know it's only THREE months away? To the day?!

~ The new Jan Brett book has come out - Hedgie Blasts Off! She writes one book a year and we collect them all! We met her once a few years ago ... but, did I tell you all this story before? I have a feeling I did. Anyway, she was just as sweet in real life as her books! Check out her teacher's website for great activities. Hedgie in outer space? Now - how did she know my boys were into stars and planets these days? ;)

~ Earlybird had an AWESOME checkup the other day at his annual pediatric visit!! Our doctor saw tremendous improvement in EB and said he was so impressed by his progress!! We are just so blessed with this boy - with all our boys - they have taught me so much about mothering - and patience and perserverance and all kinds of emotions! We are also blessed that EB's PDD-NOS is quite mild; our pediatrician feels we should continue what we are doing because all that we are doing is working. ;) Simply beautiful music to our collective family ears.

~ Michaelmas (or the Feast of the Archangels) is this Friday!! I just printed out this thread from 4Real where there are loads of ideas for celebrating at home with the children. (33 pages! These ladies don't fool around when it comes to idea sharing!) I'll post later about the fun autumn craft and special blackberry tea I have planned.

~ Now, exciting thing number 15 could have been that my Patriots won last night - but alas, they didn't. (There's always next week!) So I'll make number 15 the amazing discovery this morning that our Easter lily plant - which has spent the past five months outside, completely forlorn - seems ready to bloom once again! Here's a photo I just took ...


Now that's a wonderful autumn gift ... an everyday blessing from the garden!

And what has my boys excited this morning? It's most likely the fluffernutter toast sticks I made them for breakfast. Some days you just have to bend a few nutrition rules - though it is whole wheat toast! :)

So much to look forward to and enjoy! So much to blog about after! :)

So, what has you fired up this week?