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Math is So Barbaric!

History at Our House

It was a particularly good day for history at our house yesterday. The following is a quick recap ...

The boys spent the morning sprawled out on the living room floor, soaking up the sunshine while reading great books about - of all things, barbarians - all the brothers together, along with the cat.


Next we worked on maps for the history notebook. These showed the five barbarian kingdoms circa 500 A.D. (Franks, Anglo-Saxons, Visigoths, Vandals and Ostrigoths).


This activity benefits our European geography study as well.


The boys read together some more on the couch. A lot of what we're learning about barbarians recalls our recent co-op ancient Rome study. The Barbarians wiped out the Roman empire before settling their own kingdoms throughout western Europe. You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman Soldier: Barbarians You'd Rather Not Meet was an informative but funny read. Right up the boys' alley.


A little spontaneous math: Bookworm requested a calculator to figure out how many soldiers made up a Roman legion.


Then we looked up a few neat internet sites showing Anglo-Saxon artifacts.


The boys took all that they learned and followed up by playing barbarians outside ...



Of course, battle or no, savvy barbarians know not to overlook an acorn feast when they stumble across it. (Ours will be saved for the squirrel buffet). I love the swords tucked behind their shirts.


This looks to be one of those studies that will deserve more than just one week of our attention. Crackerjack discovered barbarian toys in his Papo catalog (possibly his favorite reading material these days). AC moore carries Papo figures so I'll check there first, but I also found them available here.


I also have a few books on request through the library system - they should be in by the weekend. Looks like we won't be getting to monks and monasteries until sometime next week! But see, that's the wiggle room I mentioned some time back. :)