The Loveliness of Prayer
And Speaking of Loveliness Fairs ...

A Quick & Crafty Prayer Journal

Leonie's Loveliness Fair is up, and it's just beautiful! Thank you for hosting, Leonie - and thank you dear friends for sharing your thoughts!

I was so inspired by the many reflections and reminiscenses of prayer, I made up a brand new prayer journal for myself this afternoon. I've been wanting one for some time - something pretty to tuck in my reading basket next to my Magnificat. I even looked at some beautiful (but expensive!) fabric-bound books at the mall this weekend - but in the end I'm glad I went with homemade. It is humble, perhaps, but pleasing to me all the same - and I know I will always remember this afternoon -the way the boys ran all around me while I wielded that glue gun, and the way Bill helped me with the ribbon and pocket. :)

Anyway, it was very easy to do! I thought you might like to see how it turned out.

First of all, the materials were all things I had on hand:


Pictured here: a basic composition notebook, scrapbooking paper, plain library pocket, ribbon, holy cards. (Not shown - glue gun and tape.)

All I did was cover the notebook cover with the floral paper and the inside with a complementary shade. I glued a plain library pocket on the inside cover, and, to dress it up a bit, I wrapped it in a sheer violet ribbon. Inside this pocket I will keep favorite holy prayer cards. Finally I cut a length of thin blue ribbon to use as a pagemarker. I adhered it to the inside back cover and then brought it forward into the journal; it hangs down just a bit.

Here it is all finished:


And here it is open!


The whole craft took me less than an hour. I think a book like this, done in a different style, would be nice for a child to keep. A place to write down their thoughts, or perhaps drawings for God. They could tuck in a few prayer cards for the season. This craft would be very easy for an older child to do, and might even make a nice gift for just the right person!