Light, Color and Joy
Thanksgiving Plans

Fall Back ...

I was explaining to Crackerjack just now about Daylight Savings Time and how it is now 5:00 when he wakes instead of 6. (Don't even ask about Earlybird's rising time; suffice it to say it was Early with a capital E.)

I tried to explain about the farmers needing more daylight, the routine we follow of "Fall back" and "Spring forward," and about how we change the clocks to change the amount of light in the morning and at night.

Crackerjack was nodding, but he looked concerned.

"So, God knows everything, right?" he asked.

"Yes he does," I replied.

"And He makes it light and dark, right?"

"Mm-hmm. That's right," I assured him.

"Well, does He know we're fooling around with the clocks?"