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Light, Color and Joy

I have been enjoying the blog kept by our Cardinal Sean O'Malley, and in tonight's post he shares photos of several beautiful stained glass windows belonging to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. At the Archdioscese's website I found a wonderful online tour of all the Cathedral's windows - including the stories behind them.

Aren't stained glass windows exquisite? I have such fond Stained_glass_windowmemories of watching the windows during Mass as a child - I loved seeing the colors come alive as the morning sun filtered through. I remember one Christmas morning the light was so bright, I was sure there were angels waiting outside. :)

One evening Mass last spring, I smiled to hear Bookworm remark on this very phenomenon, as he watched the western windows glow in the setting sun. He looked around our church, then turned to me and said:

"Mama, the whole church is lit up!"

And indeed, it was, but by more than the windows. It was lit from within by happy faces, beautiful music, wonderful smells and blessed anticipation.

A while ago I had an idea to begin a small notebook (or lapbook) about stained glass windows. Unfortunately we didn't get too far with it - but I am determined to revive this project again. It would be a perfect complement to our Middle Ages study this year.

I would like to start off by taking a few extra minutes each week to look at the windows in our church. Sometimes we take their beauty for granted  - just now at supper we tried to name as many as we could and it was a challenge! How nice it would be to linger a few minutes after Mass, to stop and admire one window a week and then learn more about the story behind it.

Before I get too far though, I will return to this wonderful thread at 4Real. When I first thought of this project last winter, I knew right where to turn for advice. As usual, all I had to do was ask, and these lovely ladies came to my aid with plenty of ideas and information. I think this will be a fun and meaningful project and I hope to begin it this Sunday. I'll keep you posted. :)

A few initial ideas:

It occured to me as I wrote this post, that in a small way, stained glass windows symbolize what my faith brings to my life - light, color and joy. I feel each of those blessings in so many ways and on so many levels ... but that's a post for another time. :)

In the meantime, God bless and Good Night!