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Cat on a Cold Asphalt Roof

We're starting a club, care to join us? Ace Wildlife Defenders we'll call it. I think we have enough experience under our belts by now. Turkeys. Chipmunks. Cats. Furred or feathered, we save them all.

Our latest wildlife adventure unfolded just a few minutes ago. I was heating up a cup of coffee in the kitchen when Bookworm called me to the window:

"WHAT is THAT?" he exclaimed.

A large orange tabby cat was stuck on our family room roof.


A few essential facts before I continue:

A. This is not my cat.

B. I have no idea how he got up there. (Though it probably involved birds.)

C. I had no idea how I was going to get him down.


What else could we do but help this poor cat? So we launched into action, and after a few frantic moments, and lots of crying (by the cat, who was terrified), we managed to help him get down. I pushed a picnic table closer to the edge of the roofline and the cat made a huge leap (yowling the whole way down), made it safely onto the deck (missing my face by a few inches!) and streaked from the yard into the woods.

And, you know, he didn't even stop to say thank you? ;)

But at least I have no injured cats to rush to the vet, we had a nice break from our math, and I have a good story to blog about, too.

So how's your morning been so far?