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Field Day: The Late Autumn Edition will run at the end of the week ... are you with me? :)

You don't have to write something new - any nature-themed post (picture, thought or idea) is welcome!

If you'd like to join Field Day, please send me an email with your entry (drhanigan AT verizon DOT net) and/or see this post for all the details.

I hope to hear from you soon! (Or at the very least before Friday!)

       It will not always be like this,
        The air is windless, a few last
        Leaves adding their decoration
        To the trees' shoulders, braiding the cuffs
        Of the boughs with gold; a bird preening
        In the lawns' mirror. Having looked up
        From the day's chores, pause a minute,
        Let the mind take its photograph
        Of the bright scene, something to wear
        Against the heart in the long cold.

"A Day in Autumn" by R. S. Thomas