It's That Time of Year ...
Our Advent Log

Today is My Mum's Birthday!

Please join me in wishing her a happy day and many happy and healthy years to come! As you've probably caught on by now, my mother means the absolute world to me. I am blessed to have in her, not just a wonderful mother, but a wonderful friend as well. I am so grateful to my mum for so many things - her love, her example and for all that she does for my family - too many things to count, really.

I remember someone telling me once, you will never understand how much your mother loves you until you are a mother yourself. Well, this is very true - and watching my mum be an amazing grandmother to my sons gives so much pride and joy, sometimes I think I might burst.




To celebrate her special day, after Mass we had a little surprise waiting at home for my mum and dad ~ a yummy birthday cake and ice cream! (9 a.m. isn't too early for cake is it? It did taste great with the coffee!)


This was a new recipe for me - Pound Cake with Maple Glaze - but one I will surely make again. We all loved it! We served maple walnut ice cream alongside (Mum's favorite) as well as vanilla bean and "Vanilla Ginger Spice Chai" - a non-dairy blend made by Celestial Seasonings. (Who knew my favorite tea company made ice cream? How yummy would November_stickers4_1these herbal ice creams be next summer blended into milkshakes?)

The boys pow-wowed a bit the other day about what to give their Nana this year for her birthday. The final decision was a gift certificate to a local art supplies store. Now, this might be a bit self-serving, as we are quite often the happy recipients of beautiful works of art by my mum. Also, the boys will soon be joining my mum in her home studio for some informal art lessons - so I think we will all accompany her to the art store and purchase our own supplies for this new and exciting endeavor!

You know, I believe Abraham Lincoln had it right when he said, "All I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." :)

~Thank you for everything, Mum! Happy Birthday! We love you! ~