The Loveliness of Thanksgiving
Science Fair Day!

Our Thanksgiving Tree

Thanks to a great idea by Karen, we have been filling up a "Thanksgiving Tree" with colorful leaves of gratitude. On Thursday, we will ask our guests to add a leaf or two of their own. In the meantime, here is how it looks so far:


Each of the boys has made a few leaves. (Earlybird's are the ones with no actual words, just lots of brown scribbles. I was just happy he joined in!)

The shapes all around the tree are the handprint turkeys Bookworm made last night. These were his idea; for each one, he traced his own hand on construction paper, wrote our guests' names on the resulting turkey shapes and cut them out. He thought they would make nice favors.

Thanks again, Karen, for a fantastic idea! This is an easy but meaningful craft - perfect for the kids during Thanksgiving week!