The Chocolate Experiment: 6 Hours Later!
All Souls Day

Happy All Saints Day!

This is a very busy week for us, what with All Hallow's Eve (yesterday), All Saints Day (today) and All Souls Day (tomorrow)!

Today we enjoyed the beautiful weather and way more candy than was probably wise. ;) Here are a few highlights from our day ...

After some candy sorting (math), and chocolate experimenting (science), we moved on to a board game (religion)! This one came courtesy of Bookworm's Magnifikid, and it focused on today's Gospel (Matthew 5:1-12). We set  up "The Beatitudes Game" on a small piece of poster board:


It was a fun little game that not only taught the Beatitudes, but encouraged the boys to learn how the saints embody them.

A bit later on we made up an All Saints Album. I followed the basic model I used for my prayer journal. We plan to fill these pages with a collection of saints stickers I've had for a long while. This set has a sticker for each saint (or feast) day of the year. Bookworm was the one who thought of this means for using the stickers - inside the book we'll add the stickers as we celebrate feast days and jot down what we did for that day.


A bit later on we were sitting on the couch reading aloud the Litany of Saints - and that's a long prayer - but I pretty much had their attention - when Wham! A bird slammed into the sliders!

You're probably wondering why I'm mentioning this, in the middle of an All Saints day post, but I had to - this was just such a strange happenstance! Naturally we broke from our prayer to see what had happened and we spied this little (stunned) bird on our deck:


He is a Golden-Crowned Kinglet and fairly rare in these parts. In fact, we have only ever seen him one time before - a year ago, literally almost to the day - when he crashed into the sliders!!  How strange is that?

I am happy to report after an hour or so, (and a fervent prayer to Saint Francis) he regained his composure and flew off.

I spent a little time adding to our Family Faith Notebook:


Above you see pages from today ... including a picture of the little Golden-Crowned Kinglet! (I don't think we'll ever say the Litany without thinking of this little bird!) I love his name, don't you?


I also printed some pages off my blog to add (this post will go in there too).

Finally, this evening we attended Mass. It was lovely. Before Mass began, the boys got to light a candle and pray for their intentions:


It was such a full and and fulfilling day. I hope you had a lovely day too! Good night and God bless!