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Thankful Thursday!

Lisa at Joyful Chaos is hosting "Thankful Thursdays" all through the month of November! She is asking us to list 10 things for which we are thankful each week ... Lisa, what a wonderful idea!

First off, let me just say (I fear I start all my posts with these words, LOL) there are HUGE things for which I am grateful but I am going to keep my list light - at least for this week. It's the big things that leave me grasping for words ~ I'd be here all night trying to say things just right ... :)

So here I go!

Ten Things I am Thankful for This Week:

1. For conversations like this:

Crackerjack: "How come you always know what I want?"

Me: "Because I'm your mama, that's my job."

Crackerjack (hugging me): "I love it when you say that."

2. For homeschooling. And for sooooo many reasons - too many to name in one post. So maybe I'll name a different reason each week. This week I'm thankful for homeschooling because my boys are the very best of friends. And after they spend the whole day together, they still talk each other to sleep for almost an hour. I love that.

3. For the rain. Yes, the rain, which as you know, in November is anything but gentle and warm. Spring rain we welcome because it's going to make everything green and it's so good for the flowers, the trees and the baby animals (etc.). But November rain is an altogether different kind of thing. It's cold - very cold - and it makes everything, well, dank. But still, I love these rainy kinds of days - when the pleasures of home just seem even more pleasurable ...

Like a reading corner:


And a picture window:


And a mantel glowing with candles:


I am also thankful ...

4. For Annie's Macaroni and Cheese - because without it my children would starve.

5. For this blog - that my family allows and encourages me to do it, and that there are folks who stop by to read what I write! As many of you readers - fellow bloggers yourselves - know, it's a nice creative outlet. Though I once hoped to be a writer, I wished even more to be a mom at home with her kids. I was blessed to be granted that wish. My life does not contain the kind of time or energy that writing would require, but it does, thankfully, contain the time and energy needed for mothering and teaching my children. For all that - and with a very full heart and full hands - I am eternally grateful.

6. For the movies - I LOVE going to the movies and we're going this Friday! We're going to see Flushed Away with our friends - we'll post a review this weekend!

7. For these ladies, this place, this way of life and learning:


8. For chipmunks, squirrels, wrens, juncos, jays ... all the little critters who call our yard home. They keep us entertained and bring such joy to our days. I am grateful that, because we homeschool, we are able to observe them and keep track of them daily - they're like our classroom pets, LOL!

9. For my husband stepping on a tack, and getting it stuck fast in his foot just now - which sounds crazy! - but we just witnessed the sweetest, most heartfelt outpouring of love and concern from our boys. Bill pulled out the tack while I ran to get a bandaid and when I returned it was to boys with their arms wrapped lovingly around their daddy. :)

10. For this moment right now. The boys are in bed (though not yet quite asleep), I've got my after-dinner eggnog and Bill and I are sitting here together watching our news programs, waiting for Lost to come on. How I love these cozy homey evenings!

So there are my 10 things for this week! Thanks again to Lisa for thinking of this and for hosting! I look forward to spending more Thursdays recounting my blessings. :)