Little Gifts, Big Fun
It was Cay!

A Tour of Our Christmas Tree!

I thought you might like to see what our Christmas tree looks like! We put it up on the first Sunday of Advent and basically, since then, we've just let the boys have at it, lol. Almost all of our ornaments are child-friendly (i.e. non-fragile) though there are one or two that I just put on myself today - a bit closer to the top than the others.

Our tree stands in our living room window, though we bought it with our family room in mind. It's just a shade too big for this room, but that's OK. It looks nice from the outside, and I like that I can see it while I work in the kitchen. :)


(Ooh, side note - I feel compelled to point out that the wallspace above the window has recently been stripped of its wallpaper - making way for a painting - and that explains the rather dingy appearance!)

Now, back to the tree. :)

There's not really a theme, but a general trend towards red-gold-birds-and-berries. We use lots of ribbons and apples of varying sizes, as well. We used to have an angel for the top (she lit up and was very pretty) but she broke some time ago, so now we have a red metal star (just visible at the top of the picture).

We gave up on the tree skirt a few years ago. Someone - who shall remain nameless - never left it alone, pulling it out from under the tree and any presents along with it whenever he had a chance. Not surprisingly, the skirt became ripped and frayed. I keep telling myself someday I will make a new tree skirt ... and until then I refuse to buy a new one. ;)

Recently my mum brought over some ornaments from my childhood and we had fun adding them to the tree today. Following are some close-ups of a few several many of our favorite ornaments. I hope you enjoy the tour!


I think I realize now where my love for birds came from - it must have been the many tiny feathered creatures that appeared on my childhood tree every year. I forgot all about these guys! Here is the little cardinal family all nestled together in the crook of a bough.


These two glistening aqua-hued ornaments were gifts from Crackerjack's CCD teacher.


Oh, how I love this tiny fabric mouse! He's straight out of the 1970s - as you can probably tell from his colorful plaid attire.


This nutcracker is missing a leg, the poor chap. My grandmother collected nutcrackers for a time, and this ornament makes me think of her.


The above ornament was made by Bookworm - but when and where is up for debate. I say our original weekly playgroup several years ago - he says at a friend's Christmas party last year.  Or was it both, lol?! (Wendy, do you remember these?)   


Two more tiny birds, above and below ...


Below is a tiny cardboard birdhouse ornament, one of several I purchased at the art supply store last month. The plan was we would paint and decorate them for the tree, but that grand  plan will have to wait till next year!


Isn't this little angel a gem? She has a tiny bell inside, and is called a "tranquility" angel. I happened upon her at a card store the other day and I could not get over her sweet countenance.


Now, this teddy bear also happens to be an angel!  He just arrived today - a beautiful gift from dear Kristina of yesterthoughts, as part of our 4Real Ornament Exchange! Thank you, Kristina - we love him already!


And just this very moment, Bookworm walked in from his CCD Christmas party with this lovely ornament - a gift from his teachers. Isn't it beautiful?


Thank you for coming along on the Christmas tree tour! Every year we add a few more things, (and every year Earlybird pulls off a few less things) ... Our tree is far from fancy, and it's a real hodgepodge of "homey-ness" - but we love it!

A Merry, Merry Christmas to you all!