To Do Today ...
Comfort and Joy to You!

Bonne Hiver!


It is officially winter now as of 7:22 p.m.! As you might have noticed we get pretty excited around here about the changing seasons. (Bookworm started the kitchen timer 'round lunchtime - and it just rang, reminding us to wish each other a Bonne Hiver - or Happy Winter!)

In years past, I've been known to bake a "Happy Winter Fudge Cake" on this day, but I couldn't put my hands on that recipe and - well, who am I kidding - I didn't have the time anyway, lol! (Still cranking out those cards and let's not discuss the wrapping, shall we?)

But please let me wish you a Happy Winter before the moment gets away from us. Over the next several days we will all be making merry, taking delight in the peace and the joy of the Christmas miracle ... all as it should be. Tonight, I will share with you a pretty poem and remember that we have much wintertime ahead of us to explore ...

Good night and God bless. :)

A-swinging, a-ringing,

The bells at Christmas say:

A merry Christmas to you all

And happiness for great and small,

With joy we sing and plenty bring,

This happy Christmas Day.

Ring, ring, ring the bells.

Ring them loud and clear,

To tell the children everywhere

That Christmastime is here.

(from Winter: A Collection of Poems, Songs and Stories for Young Children, Wynstones Press)