From Our Family to Yours ...
Oh, I do hope this is good ...

Christmas Memories, Christmas Recovery ...

Which about sums up my day today! I plan to do little else after a quick pick up of the kitchen (last night we put away perishables and just left the rest) and then a whole lot of sitting ... remembering and recovering ... and, oh yes, there will be coffee. :)

Remembering ... the fun, the faces, the food. Beautiful Mass on Sunday, our church filled to bursting with glorious poinsettias. Wishing our friends and pastor a blessed Christmas. One last look at the beautiful creche before returning home.

The quiet night that came after an early bedtime for the boys ... Norad played a part in that. "Look he's in the Azores! All right, that's it! Off to bed NOW!" So proclaimed Bookworm with one last glance at the computer screen, ushering his brothers down the hallway.

And then in what seemed the blink of an eye, our boys were awake at 4 a.m., unable to get back to sleep. They were finally allowed their stockings at 5. Pots of hot coffee followed, along with breakfast goodies like coffee cake, blueberry strudel, raspberry danish and fruit salad. We gathered with our beloved family here all throughout Christmas day, chatting on the phone with those that couldn't be here. I especially so enjoyed having my grandmother here, who made it for breakfast but was too wiped out later in the day to return for the afternoon party.

And at that afternoon party we served Christmas dinner ... honey ham, several casseroles, rolls, baked beans, broccoli with cheese sauce. Red wine, white whine, eggnog and cider. Cookies! Oh, the cookies! Plates upon platters of all kinds of cookies.

And would you believe I didn't take any pictures of all this?  I know, I know, what kind of a mother - nevermind blogger! - am I who doesn't take even ONE picture of her family Christmas to share with her friends. Sigh. Bill did take some video through the day, but I was far too busy doing to be the usual camera-happy person I am.

Later today, I will try to take pictures of the zillion leftover cookies because one of the benefits of hosting the party is that although you get all the cleanup, you also get all the leftovers! I think my diet today will be a steady one of cookies, coffee and maybe a vitamin or two. ;)

A final and important part of the remembering today will be trying to recall all the gifts that were given to our boys and by whom - something I quickly lost track of by late day. An outline for thank you notes will be written up before things get put away and while our memories are still fresh.

And in the recovering department there will be much lounging about, watching the birds at the feeders (the tiny red squirrel is there now), paging through the British magazines I received in my stocking, and definitely at least one viewing of The Sound of  Music. It's raining hard this morning, so a day spent at home, mostly in our pajamas, is just the ticket.

I hope you had a lovely and memorable Christmas and today finds you, resting, remembering and filled with peace!